Enjoy Your Stay in Puerto Vallarta

With its gorgeous beaches and pulsating nightlife, Puerto Vallarta is renowned for its vibrant LGBTQ+ scene, with three prominent gay areas that stand out. Zona Romantica, affectionately known as the Gayborhood, is a bustling district featuring gay-friendly bars, clubs, and boutique shops, creating an inclusive and lively atmosphere. Los Muertos Beach, nestled within Zona Romantica, is a popular coastal stretch where locals and visitors gather to enjoy the sun, sea, and vibrant beach clubs, making it a central hub for the LGBTQ+ community. Lastly, The Top Sky Bar, perched atop a luxurious resort, offers breathtaking views of the city and is celebrated for hosting some of the best gay shows and events in Puerto Vallarta. 

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Distant view of city and Playa Olas Altas Beach near Almar Beach Resort

Playa Olas Altas

Nestled in the heart of Zona Romantica, Playa Olas Altas is celebrated as one of Puerto Vallarta's most iconic beaches. Renowned for its vibrant LGBTQ+ community, this beach serves as a welcoming haven for locals and visitors alike.

Distant view of city and Muelle Los Muertos Beach near Almar Beach Resort

Playa Los Muertos

Embraced by the vibrant energy of Zona Romantica, Playa Los Muertos stands out as Puerto Vallarta's most famous beach.

The pier of Playa Los Muertos in Puerto Vallarta near Almar Beach Resort

Muelle Los Muertos:

The picturesque pier of Playa Los Muertos in Puerto Vallarta stands as a captivating structure, serving as both a visual delight and a symbolic border between the lively beach and the more serene Olas Altas.